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Jet Setting Around

Not all desserts are created equal.

This is one of my latest finds during my stay in Roppongi Hills in Tokyo.  I can’t read Japanese, but I walked into AM/PM in the wee hours of the morning, looking for a treat.  I always love trying new foods/snacks, so I reached for this cute pouch of what appeared to be fruit balls (insert joke here).  To my surprise, these tiny balls were packed with fruit flavor!  It’s final, they are #2 place, as my #1 place winner still goes to Haagen Daaz Crisp Sandwich (green tea).

My strange obsession with vending machines.

Ever since I was a lil girl, there was always a certain level of fascination, when I stood in front of a vending machine trying to figure out my purchase.  Today as an adult, you can still find me glued to the vending machines, except, the new modern version features fun & kitschy items.

I spotted this one @ The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas.  You can get everything from Lady Gaga rhinestone encrusted ear bugs, fashion tape, gourmet chocolate, jewelry, and even eyelashes.  Although, you can find better quality, selection, & prices for falsie lashes just around the corner at Skins 6/2 Cosmetics.

I’ve traveled the world and simply adore the hot/cold drink vending machines in Tokyo.  They even carry small selection of hot soups.

My 2nd runner up would be Bam! in NYC.  They feature hot foods such as grilled cheese, sandwiches, and mozzarella sticks.

Spent my Winter on the beach!

2010 was a fantastic year, filled with unforgettable memories.  My husband and I, kicked off the year by spending a couple of weeks in pure sunshine and tropical weather. We managed to run out businesses remotely, but still had plenty of time to relax.

Thailands Newest Gem – Tachai Island

With pure white sand beach, green foliage, hiking paths, and crystal clear waters, Tachai Island ranks among one of the hottest new places to visit in Thailand.  This serene and picturesque beach is a rare gem that has not been flooded with visitors like the Similan Islands.

You’ll have plenty of uninterrupted R&R time to sunbathe, snorkel, hike, or just float around in the ocean.  You can get to Tachai Islands by speed boat, which takes 1 hr and 20 minutes each way.  Trust me, it is well worth the time.

Day 2: Singapore in 2011

Yep, there's a giant 3 story Forever 21 here.

Love the modern LED escalators

No Apple Stores in Singapore. Gotta get your MAC from Epic Center.

Waffle sandwiches from Marvelous Cream

Cheers to our waffle sandwiches. Thought it was ice cream, but it turned out to be cream. Yucky.

LA street wear is catching on in Singapore. This store is called The Vault.

A cute Thai Restaurant

Pretty and festive Chinese New Year decor at the mall. Love it!

Oh yes! The real Hainan Chicken Rice. So yummy.

There is it! Hainan Chicken Rice

It’s good to be back home in S’pore

After a 1 year hiatus, JP & I managed to come back home for a visit to S’pore.  Not much has changed since our last visit.  High rise buildings and modern shopping plazas are still under construction in and around Orchard Road, but some things remain constant, and that’s the huge selection of delectable food & treats.

Do enjoy my photo diary of this long overdue trip back home.  I’ll be posting additional photos each day.


En route, hanging out in the lounge @ the airport.

Mini cocktails on board. =)

Now here comes the food & shopping!

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Ibiza, I Miss You

Back in Aug 2010, I had the chance to visit the beautiful island of Ibiza.  During our stay, I had a chance to go to Privilege to see DJ Tiesto.  Then in November of 2010, I ran into DJ Tiesto in Las Vegas!  He was so sweet and agreed to take a photo with me. =)

Here’s one of my favorite songs & video clips from DJ Tiesto.

Thanksgiving Holiday Getaway

Thanksgiving is a wonderful excuse, to over indulge in just about everything.  I truly believe that we should be thankful all year long, and not just on one day.  People should make the effort to see their family and friends more often.  Call me crazy, but I enjoy that warm and fuzzy feeling of good company and great food.   This year, I spent this Thanksgiving with my husband and one of our friends in Las Vegas.

Thursday AM: We started off the day with morning bike to have brunch at Le Grande Orange.  Both of us had the Classic Commuter Sandwich.

Thursday PM:  We started off with a dinner at Switch at The Wynn Encore Hotel, then ended up hanging out at Tryst.

The following night we had dinner at Valentino at The Venetian Hotel, then went to see Le Reve at The Wynn Encore Hotel.  During the daytime, my husband and I walked the strip over to Bellagio, to enjoy a hearty fare at Noodles, inside the Bellagio Hotel.  On the final night before our flight back to LA, we dined at Sushi Samba at the Palazzo, and squeezed in some time at the Black Jack tables & penny slots.

$1700 later, some cute pictures, and lots of great memories, we’re now back home.  Do enjoy some of my random photos from the trip.

Highlights from my weekend trip in San Francisco

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Another 5 Days in Vegas!

I have to admit, Vegas is one of my favorite places to go!  With a plethora of restaurants, entertainment, and gambling, Vegas is like a playground for adults.  Best part is, you can indulge in just about anything, 24 hours a day!

On this trip, I realized my penchant for penny slot machines.  My number game is blackjack, but I like to supplement it with some penny machine action!  Had some very productive meetings, and spent my time catching up with some friends.

I had planned to go experience the CSI exhibit at the MGM Mirage, but ran out of time.  Hopefully it will be there when I return.

Hope you enjoy some of my Vegas highlights!

Shopping for yummy bath products @ The Venetian Canal Shoppes

Its like the Pacha cherries!

Admired some art by ANJA

Fall decor at The Palazzo Hotel

My lucky spot where I stand. At the top of the waterfall @ Palazzo.

Sparkly coins. Ooh la la!

4 Lobster club sandwiches from Postrio by Wolfgang Puck. Delicious!

My new makeup from the Dior boutique. Holiday LE minaudiere & travel brush set. Love them!

I became a Penny Slots High Roller =) I won 27.25!

Zen Noodles @ Grand Lux Cafe is always a comforting dish.

Mid-day snack at Noodles in the Bellagio Hotel. Bbq pork buns, pickled cucumbers, and tea.

Enjoyed the Gondola boat ride @ the Venetian.

My new favorite penny slot game. Look at the bottom right. I'm definitely a winner!

Have you ever noticed the pretty painted ceilings right by TAO @ the Venetian? It's gorgeous.

Dinner @ Bouchon. Service was terrible and food was mediocre. Failed!

The sun was setting, as I left to the airport. Look at the gorgeous Wynn & Encore hotels.

Ciao Palazzo!

The perfect place to end summer…in Ibiza, Spain.

Our spur of the moment vacation in Ibiza, was the best trip ever.  With sunny skies and slightly humid weather, it was the perfect way to spend our final days of summer.  The Europeans and South Americans flock from all over the world to Ibiza, to relax and also enjoy the nightlife.  The beaches are packed with sun bronzed and gorgeous people of all ages.  Did I mention nude sunbathing is totally acceptable?!  Love it!

The Ibiza Gran Hotel is the only 5 star hotel on the island, and now I know why.  The service is impeccable, and the rooms and views are incredible.  There’s even a casino attached on the property, so black jack players like me can just stumble over.  😉

The food is delicious in Ibiza, as we had the chance to drive to the other side of the island to have some local paella. The jamon in Ibiza was delicious as well.  Aside from enjoying the beach and sleeping until the early afternoon, we went to see Tiesto play at Privilege!  He was amazing, and I will certainly post some video soon.  We also partied it up at Space the night before.  Ibiza is definitely the perfect mix of relaxation and party time.

We will definitely be back to Ibiza in 2011!

Arrived @ Ibiza Airport. It was super packed.

Entrance to our hotel...Ibiza Gran

The architecture inside the hotel is gorgeous.

The bathtub was right in the middle of the room.

Room service was a must. Breakfast for 2, of course!

Walked to town and saw rustic looking restaurants lining the roads.

We hiked all the way up to get this gorgeous view.

Gorgeous shades of blue water, from up above.

From our walk around the port.

I had to snap a pick of this cool McDonalds sign.

Beach time, in my VIX swimsuit.

Pretty sparkly trinkets in the hotel gift shop.

Clear skies and perfect weather at the beach. Parking was a nightmare though!

Billboards for Dj's and clubs, line the highways and roads.

Classic. Girls on the scooter!

Vacation and Business Trip to London!

A good ol' visit to Mr. Paddington Bear shop kiosk @ Paddington Station.

New Bike Rentals kiosks all around town. Very green concept. I love it.

Some pretty sweets at the Farmers Market in Chelsea

Can't forget about the cupcakes!

The best fish n' chips of my life...with a side of mushy peas!

Fish Works on Swallow Street, is where I got my fish n' chips fix!

Some touristy pics from walking around town.

Look at this cute bus.

This McDonalds was really posh inside. Sorry I couldn't get a closer shot.

Coachella or Bust!!!

Hmm, never been to Coachella, but I’m hearing that it’s so magical!  Tiesto, Muse, MGMT, Kaskade, and a bunch of others are on the line up for Saturday.  And, it looks like JayZ is up on Friday.  Hmm.  I may have to make a pit stop @ Coachella to check out what the fuss is all out!  Weeeeoweee!

Las Vegas (day 2) The Crystals @ City Center

After venturing to Aria, we walked over to The Crystals, which is a huge shopping plaza filled with every high end boutique you can think of.  Inside, you’ll also find popular LA restaurants such as Mastro’s, Beso (by Eva Longoria), and Wolfgang Puck.  This shopping complex is definitely huge, modern, but it’s just too empty.  I know they will be adding more stores, but there is too much dead space.

My first impression when we walked into The Crystals was that it felt cold & desolate.  The massive amounts of space, created an uncomfortable feeling.  It felt more like a museum, and the store fronts were just works of art.  Which explains why everyone just glared at the window displays and kept walking.  It’s a great place to get some exercise in, since the walkways are super wide.

Beso and Club Eve

Mastros Ocean Club Restaurant

From the 2nd floor looking down.

Giant ice glow sticks display.

2 story Louis Vuitton store for you LV lovers!

Another nice LV window display

Indoor hurricane water exhibit. Very science museum-ish.

The pattern on this grand stair case is made from gemstones and rocks! I had to look up close to realize that they were all embedded to create that beautiful pattern.

Las Vegas (day 2) – Sneak Peak of Aria Hotel

All the major hotels in Vegas, g0t decked out for Chinese New Year.  So naturally, I snapped some photos to share with everyone.  Also, we had the chance to visit the new Aria hotel/casino and The Crystals.    Enjoy my photos!

Very ornate traditional dragon adorns the Wynn casino.

Lunch in Chinatown @ Pho Kim Loan

My fresh young coconut drink was so refreshing. Sometimes, you just have to venture off the strip for some good eats!

Back entrance of the Aria Hotel/Casino. The architecture was out of this world!

Aria's hotel gift shop is looking pretty snazzy.

Jean Philippe's Patisserie is enormous! It's a dessert lovers paradise.

Towering mini cakes adorned the patisserie.

More minis!

You can find swanky restaurants like Cafe Vettro@ Aria

My favorite bar/lounge @ Aria called THE VIEW

Close up of the pink & gold bar. Love it!

Another swanky restaurant @ Aria.

Chuc Mung Nam Moi! Kung Hei Fat Choy!

We had the most awesome trip to Vegas over the weekend.  Celebrated both Chinese New Year & Valentine’s Day @ the Palazzo.

I played blackjack, dined at Noodles (Bellagio)/Lavo (Palazzo), walked the strip, and also had a chance to just relax and catch the Olympics on TV.

Funniest moment of the entire trip: When we were at the blackjack table, we heard another guy scream out of excitement.  He said, “omg, I just almost crapped in my pants”!  Hahhaha, I guess he won big.  We turned around and looked at him, and he said to us, “i’m serious, i almost did”.  Hhahahah

Best thing I ate: Noodle soup w/poached chicken (Noodles Restaurant @ Bellagio)

Best hand @ blackjack: Dealer was showing a 6, I had 15.  I hit and pulled a 6 and got 21!   F*ck their rule book!

Mango smoothie @ Grand Lux (Palazzo)

Couldn't resist playing with my food. =P

Palazzo was very festive this year, with a huge tiger display in the foyer. It's year of the tiger! Rawr!

Fruit bearing trees lined the VIP Salon, w/lucky red envelopes.

Hahha, it looks like someone literally took a bite out of one of the fruits on the tree. Ewww, gross. It wasn't me.

Bright red & gold lanterns floating above us @ Palazzo.

A close up of this beautiful tiger @ Palazzo.

JP flew straight from Japan, and swung by Vegas to spend the weekend with me.  He even brought back some gifts for me.  It was super thoughtful of him, since he brought back all of my favorites.  Looky!

No trip to Japan is complete, w/o bringing back Tokyo Bananas! Ooo, ooo, eee, eee! Oh yes, and ViVi magazine.

Yuzu candy and ichigo daifuku (strawberry mochi)!!!!!!!!

Green tea Kit Kat! Limited flavor.

Secret gift from Aranzi Aronzo!

A super cute coin purse from Aranzi Aronzo.

I made Mr. Bear have the 1st taste of my green tea Kit Kats!

My winnings in 5 minutes of blackjack!

Giant plush chips! They look like candy...i must eat!

Gift from Japan! Thank you Manami! It's lovely.

See, Vegas knows how to do it up. Patron silver got its own display case, w/pink shots glasses below. Available in the sundries shop @ Bellagio.

Breakfast @ Squeeze In!

The best omelette’s and mimosa around! They use odwalla oj for the mimosa, and they are sure tasty. I was blitzed after just one!

The infamous Squeeze In Omelette joint in downtown Truckee

Bobby Flay even stopped by to "throw down" @ Squeeze In. They had an omelette showdown!

A huge menu off omelette's, traditional breakfast options, and lots of drinks.

Mimosa for me & coffee for JP.

Eclectic decor...

It was packed!

Once you arrive, just sign in by the snow dude.

This decorative plate was right next to us on the wall. Read it!

Lots of snow!

As we slept, the snow was still coming down. Look!

Massive walls of pure white snow.

Yep, thats the Ford @ Le Casa de Bean

Crazy icicles looked like a wave. Cowabunga!

All of this snow and icicles is making me crave shaved ice w/lychee, grass jelly, and condensed milk. Yum!

We <3 NorthStar!

About to head up the mountain. Time to put these skis to use!

2 ski bunnies on the lift.'s like Christmas all over again.

It started to snow!!!

Mid-mountain was packed!

As we left, it started to snow really hard. The Village was turning all white. It was so pretty!

Snow bunny ninja.

Gotta have Le Waf every time we're @ NorthStar. These waffles are sooo delicious.

From LA, to the Bay!


OMG!!!  I was greeted with heavy rains and traffic.  Boo!  However, I did get to stop by Out the Door for Vietnamese food, and dessert at my fav. spot in San Mateo.

Just a quaint little Taiwanese dessert spot.

Hot Tofu for JP.

And, Mango Sago for me!

I will, vacation in Ibiza.

With world class DJ’s, beautiful people, picturesque beaches, and parties on the beach,  it’s no wonder why thousands of Europeans (and tourists) flock to Ibiza during the summer.  I’ve heard many good things about this place, so I’m going to have to check it out first hand!


Things you need to know, before traveling to Tokyo.

For many years, JP & I have traveled to Tokyo for business.  We frequent an area called Roppongi Hills, which is known for the famous Mori Building, posh boutiques, trendy hotels, and a slew of beautiful Japanese women.  My 1st impression of Tokyo, was just sensory overload.  They have great local cuisine, thousands of fashion boutiques, nightlife, and a transit system we can only dream of having here in LA.

Aside from all the cool stuff we got to see and experience, I always had an uneasy feeling about the stuff that probably goes on behind the scenes.  The nightlife in Toyko  is a bit sketchy, and features tons of “hostess” bars, which features scantily clad women serving up drinks (any many other services).  By day, you witness the hustle and bustle in the subway and on the streets.  By night, Roppongi Hills is filled with well dressed Japanese women (in group of 2 or 3), hanging in and around hotel lobbies.  As you venture closer to Roppongi Crossing, you’ll see  an eclectic mix of scantily clad Japanese women, Nigerian bouncers, and a mix of tourists.  I couldn’t help but wonder, what type of stuff goes down in those “hostess” bar establishments.  Things just seemed a bit fishy to me.  Well, I just came across an article in LA Times about Roppongi Hills, and types of crimes that flourish this ultra trendy area.  If you’re thinking about traveling to Tokyo, please read this article.

Crazy Monkeys, Tried to Take JP!

Okay okay, they didn’t take him, but they wanted more!  During JP’s fabulous excursion to Osaka last year, he texted me frantically, talking about some crazy monkeys.  I was a bit confused at first, but as the photos started pouring in, I began to scratch my head.  Could JP be in danger?  And, why is that monkey all up close and personal.

Turns out, JP & his friend were driving through Mino (Japan) and these monkeys are notorious for just hanging out.  Like, literally hanging from peoples cars and lounging around on the road.  It’s totally their stomping grounds.  As they were driving through this area, a monkey jumped on the car and peeked inside.  His friend said it was totally normal and that they just wanted food.   Hehehehe.  If I was there, I’d roll down the window and slap him (or her) with a banana!  Or maybe that wouldn’t be a good idea, since it would attract the other monkeys to roll out and attack me (and the car).  Either way, I wouldn’t let them mess with me or JP!

Pretty Pretty Views

AHHH! So, JP snapped this with his camera. The monkey latched onto the car, and was staring him down for some food.

See, these monkeys totally need to get whacked with a banana or something. Could seriously cause an accident by scaring ppl! This was the car next to them.

Just chilling...waiting for the next car to harass. Kind of reminds me of the guys that try to wash your windows on La Cienaga when you're stopped at the light. Haahah.. You know what I'm talking about.

Road Trip: Palm Dessert/Indian Wells

Over the weekend, we took off for a fabulous road trip to Palm Dessert/Indian Wells for JP’s tennis matches.   This was my 1st time back to the Palm Dessert area, every since I was a lil girl.  Not knowing what to expect, I cleared my mind and made the best of our road trip together.

3 Targets, 2 Walmarts, 2 In N Outs, and 50 gazillion palm trees later, we finally made it to Palm Dessert.  Oh yea, did I mention we stopped by Dessert Hills Outlet, where retail stuff goes to die the super popular place people rave and rant about for great deals?!  We hopped off and quickly walked around the outlet, only to discover that we were bamboozled!  If we can never find anything good @ Neiman Marcus or any other sales locally, then what in the world we were doing at the outlets?!  I guess some people get lucky, and find something decent at these outlets.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good deal, but paying $800 for a lime green Prada bag is not my idea of a steal!  I can see why it was tossed into the dessert, for touristas and deal hunters to go wild for.  Any who, it’s definitely a spot you’d want to stop off, if you want to have some free time away from your in-laws or passengers in your car.  haahhahah.  You can keep them entertained for hours and hours!!!

On the road again...

@ the Dessert Hills Outlets...errr.

Got bored, and decided to hop into a new ride.

Had dinner @ Tommy Bahamas Cafe... The dessert tray looked yummy, but we def. passed on those!

I always feel lucky, when I'm out of town.

Lucky 8's! Why not?! Okay, after scratching this ticket, it was a reminder why I DON't buy these suckers!!! I'll stick to black jack. =)

Surrounded by lush gold courses, awesome tennis courts, and pimped out golf carts. A quick pic driving up to the country club where JP was playing.

Point Happy shopping plaza. What a cute name!

24 hours later, we bounced and headed back home to LA.  Indian Wells is definitely nice and every golfers dream, but it just didn’t have the craziness and spunk of LA.  =)