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Ibiza, I Miss You

Back in Aug 2010, I had the chance to visit the beautiful island of Ibiza.  During our stay, I had a chance to go to Privilege to see DJ Tiesto.  Then in November of 2010, I ran into DJ Tiesto in Las Vegas!  He was so sweet and agreed to take a photo with me. =)

Here’s one of my favorite songs & video clips from DJ Tiesto.

Hilarious Youtube Must Watch Video Of The Day

Warning:  The subject matter of this video is very serious, and I acknowledge that.  On the other hand, the boy is sporadically dancing and making funny hand gestures like Lady Gaga.  Now that part is hilarious!  It starts at about the 2o second mark.

Celebrity Makeup Tip

love this video by swedish mafia house

Kaskade is awesome!

Lady Gaga “Monster” Remix by Brad Walsh

I love this!  Listen!

Rent A Laowai

Say what? Rent A Laowai means Rent A Foreigner. hahaha. If you’re Caucasian, you may want to explore some job opportunities in China.  Read and watch the story here:

Chinese companies ‘rent’ white foreigners @

Awesome LA DI DA Iphone App. MUST HAVE!

Bless His Heavenly Voice (and his old school chili bowl haircut)

Lin Yu Chun, Taiwanese singing sensation, is reaching the attention of everyone here in the US.  I just noticed that Ellen is going to feature him this Friday, and George Lopez just had him on Wednesday.

Whitney Houston (aka Ms. Don’t call it a come back) better just call it quits, cause Lin Yu Chun is ready to throw down.  I’d love to see a Whitney and Lin Yu Chun singing contest!

Nike Free x Creativity

Need a good laugh?

Check out the Keyboard Kitty Cat. It will surely make u giggle.

Must See, Alice in Wonderland in 3D!!!

Planning on watching AIW this weekend, or maybe I should save it for a week day! If you saw it already, let me know if you love it!

I’m Listening To…

Miss Alicia Keys…

Too Cute!!!


It’s the Slap Chop Remix.  Heehehe..Please watch.  Guaranteed to make you giggle like a lil girl.

We All <3 Tiesto!

Just got a tip off to this freaking awesome vid/song by Tiesto.  Thanks Trinster!

Awww. Look how cute this puppy is!

Poor thing…can’t get up on his own. The thing that sucks is his mommy is in the background sleeping.  Wake up woman!  Your baby is rolling around trying to flip over.  Helpppppp!

How am I today?

Well, this Lily Allen vid says it all…

Have a fantastic weekend!  xoxoxo

In Guinea Pigs, we trust!!

I’m uber excited to go watch the G-Force movie (in 3D!!) about the crime fighting guinea pigs. They are just tooooo cute. I just saw a cool advertisement for the movie driving up Washington Blvd. today. Btw…don’t tell Fuego, I think he’ll be jealous!



Life is Gooooooooood.

As many of you know, I love cooking (aka “cooking mama”).  It’s about 1pm in Singapore and I’m whipping up some lunch and listening to LMFAO and Kanye.  This whole traveling thing is quite fun, especially when I have a kitchen to make some home cooked meals.  This song totally reminds me of LA though.  =)

Kiss Goodbye…

My dear friend is a huge fan of Lee Hom, so I had to post this vid for her!  xoxoxo

Human Tetris.


I know this is an old video, but it’s still hilarious!

Iraq bids farewell to dear President Bush.

I think Bush was long overdue for a size 10 to the face!  I’ve got to give it to Bush though, he sure reacted fast!

Effin cute cupcakes!