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My Christmas Gift Guide 2009

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Thank you!!!!

My friend Jess, surprised me with 3 awesome gifts. They were thoughtful, and extra special, because she heard me mentioning how cool the Kid Robot displays are over @ SLS Hotel. Sooo…for an early Christmas present, she designed a pink Munny for me, and also gave me a medium sized Munny to decorate. Looky!

It's a naked Munny! Time to dress him up!

For the secret squirrel accessories, I got the hat, thunder bolt, a can, and a bad guy zombie zapper. Whoa...too cool

Munny designed by Jess! It's girly, eclectic, and super cool!

Here's the backside.

The Holidays Make Me Feel Warm, Loved, and Joyful.

We’re only 1 wk from Christmas, and I’m so excited to see JP open his gifts.  Of course, I never forget to pick out special things for my family and friends too.  This year, I decided to put a more personal touch to my gift giving, by making gift baskets and lil stocking stuffers for my friends.  I also made Fuego a mini stocking too!  We plan to fill it up to the brim with treats, and let him enjoy it while we’re opening our gifts.

This gift basket was the perfect gift for my neighbor Trisha.   It was full of healthy snacks from Trader Joes, a perfume fragrance from Aveda, and White Truffle oil from O & Co. (most favorite ingredient in my kitchen).

My gift basket creation!

"Worm" is my dog's nickname at home. I added a monkey, since he likes to sound like a monkey in public. It's embarrassing!

These mini bags and decal transfers are from JoAnns, and the cute tissue is from Border’s.   Sorry, can’t tell you what’s inside!

Lil stocking stuffer gifts inside!

I added some Christmas spirit to some of the mini gift bags.

Happy Holidays and don’t stress out about gift giving.  You don’t have to give, to show that you care.

Another beautiful sunset today. Happy Holidays!

My Christmas Fantasy Gift Guide (2009)

So last year, I shared my small Christmas WISH LIST and it was so popular!  This year I’m going to start early and will include some fun, inexpensive, expensive, thoughtful, and not so practical gifts for you to peruse.  Maybe my Christmas picks will inspire you to GIVE this holiday season.  Remember, the act of giving a gift, should be done without any expectation of reciprocation.  GIVE because you want to, not because you have to.

This sexy, sporty, and sophisticated car is sure to please most automotive enthusiasts.  The photo below features a Mansory kit, which transform the Panamera into an aggressive and very sporty look.
Mansory Panamera

Mansory Panamera

And, for all of you eco-friendly folks, let me introduce the electric cupcake car, as featured in the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book.  Honestly, I’d totally rock this car.

The electric Cupcake Car!

The electric Cupcake Car!