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Random Happenings

World of Dance Tour Coming to LA

If you’re a fan of America’s Best Dance crew, then WOD is an event you don’t want to miss. Dozens of dance crews will be competing for prizes, and there will also be areas where you can pick up cool gear & products.

The tour kicks up again on April 2nd. Here’s a quick feature on Access Hollywood TV!

Manny Pacquiao in Santa Monica

Manny Pacquiao made an appearance at The Santa Monica Place mall, to promote his new line of merchandise with Nike.  Prior to his appearance at Nike Town, Manny did a live Q&A session in front of thousands of fans.  Awesome!

Pop Tart Mega Cafe Opens In Time Square New York

Today on Yahoo, I read something about Pop Tarts opening this ginormous cafe in Times Square New York.  They will feature something like 30 different Pop Tarts creations!  I also read something about Pop Tart sushi.  Ewww.  That doesn’t sound appetizing, but it would sure be fun to stop by the Pop Tart Mega Cafe!

Korean BBQ Annual Cook Off!

After a long night of festivities, JP & I strolled over to Ktown for the KBBQ Annual Cook Off.  As soon as we arrived, we totally scored the best parking ever!  We ended up paralleling it only a block away, and luckily our meter was a broken one.  hahah.  So it read FAIL, which is awesome, since it’s off limits for meter maids to write you a ticket. =)

So, we took our sweet time and enjoyed all kinds of wonderful foods and drinks in the soju & beer garden.  Jp’s favorite was from Seoul Sausage, and I loooooved the Kalbi Burger.  Both were delicious, since they had traditional Korean flavor, but were presented with a westernized fusion.  The thick slice of tomato, red onions, and lettuce, really made the Kalbi burger complete.  I’m definitely going to find their restaurant to have another one, next time I’m in K town.  Oh, and the Seoul sausage was presented on a bun, and topped off with kimchee.  The combo sounds gross, but it was totally good!  Cool Haus & the Sprinkles truck were there to satisfy those with who have been touched by the sweet tooth fairy.

Another huge feature at the food festival was the soju & beer garden, hosted by Jinro and Hite Beer.  We also caught the tail end of the Choco Pie eating contest, and the 1st place winner ate 30 of them!  Eeeek, I’m still thinking about how many calories and grams of sugar he ingested.  Yucky!

Aside from all the yummy eats, we did walk away with some swag of course!

–  6 Jinro soju cups

–  Hite bottle opener and flash light keychain (Hey, this totally makes sense if you were going to drink in the dark and couldn’t see what you were doing.  Genius!)

–  Audrey Magazine (summer issue)

–  Toothbrush and dental goodies from Wp Institute

–  Hand sanitizer lotion from Jinro

Tents lined the parking lot, turned food festival venue. haah

Folks gather in the big tent to watch competitions and special demos.

Spotted a cool Flying Pigeon bike. Super popular in China.

Lines were a tad bit long, but definitely worth the wait.

Yep, Parks KBBQ was in the house!

Sprinkle me, sprinkle me!

When you have the mama's cooking, it's a good sign. 😉

Those were my buddies... Hite and Jinro!

My favorite piece of swaaaaag. 6 Jinro soju cups!

Pre-Grand Opening @ The Santa Monica Place

I was so fortunate to attend the private pre-opening festivities @ The Santa Monica Place yesterday.  The new and improved shopping plaza is gorgeous!  It has Cb2, Hugo, Boss, Nike Town, Nordstroms, and Bloomies!  There’s also dinning on the top terrace, which features a breath taking view of Santa Monica.  Enjoy my sneak peak photos.

Btw, be sure to check out the main website for The Santa Monica Place.  They are having special promotions for the entire month of August, to celebrate their grand opening.

Mini Petting Zoo @ The Farmers Market.

It’s cute to see all the kids get excited for pony rides @ the farmers mkt, but for July 4th weekend, it was a mini petting zoo!  Too cute!

Me, Jp & Lakers Playoffs = Fun!

Pre-game Eats @ Katsuya..yummmmy

Lakers vs. Suns!

PR 16 Baby!

Half time treat. =)

Cool Art Installation

On the way back from the Farmers Market, I spotted this huge art installation on Main Street, in Santa Monica.  Wow, it’s a giant set of binoculars!  Pretty cool huh?

Asian Snacks, With Funny Names (continued)

Every time I stroll down the snack aisle @ Mitsuwa, I always chuckle at all the funny snack names.  Here’s one that was just plain silly.

Tour De Cure, “Cycling For A Cause”

Our friend Andy is participating in the Tour De Cure this year, to spread awareness & honor those whose lives have been affected by diabetes. Along with his dedication to cycle along with thousands of others for this noble cause, he has set a goal to fundraise for the event as well. All proceeds will go the American Diabetes Foundation, and your donation is tax deductible.

Small donations would greatly be appreciated. He’s almost at his goal, so every dollar will definitely make a difference.

****UDPATE:  Andy has reached his goal!  If you want to still help towards this cause, your donation is greatly appreciated***

Click on the photo to learn more about the Tour de Cure.

New $100 Bill!

Counterfeit money has been a big issue, so there is a new $100 bill that will be released sometime in the near future.  I hope this will deter people from making their own counterfeit funny money.  Read and learn all about these new “bennys” at: New Money

Say No to Education Budget Cuts!

Ok, usually I’m not so into politics, but this whole ordeal with education budget cuts has got me all concerned. It looks like the Governator (aka, Arnold) should go back to doing movies, because he’s seriously doing some real damage to California. And, wait, he’s not done yet!

Say No to Education Budget Cuts by signing the online petition. All you have to do is enter your name, email, and any addtl comments you want to share. The more petitions the better. It will take less than 2 minutes of your time. Just click on the image below to be re-directed. Also, there’s a funny PSA video on, featuring Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green.

Crazy Monkeys, Tried to Take JP!

Okay okay, they didn’t take him, but they wanted more!  During JP’s fabulous excursion to Osaka last year, he texted me frantically, talking about some crazy monkeys.  I was a bit confused at first, but as the photos started pouring in, I began to scratch my head.  Could JP be in danger?  And, why is that monkey all up close and personal.

Turns out, JP & his friend were driving through Mino (Japan) and these monkeys are notorious for just hanging out.  Like, literally hanging from peoples cars and lounging around on the road.  It’s totally their stomping grounds.  As they were driving through this area, a monkey jumped on the car and peeked inside.  His friend said it was totally normal and that they just wanted food.   Hehehehe.  If I was there, I’d roll down the window and slap him (or her) with a banana!  Or maybe that wouldn’t be a good idea, since it would attract the other monkeys to roll out and attack me (and the car).  Either way, I wouldn’t let them mess with me or JP!

Pretty Pretty Views

AHHH! So, JP snapped this with his camera. The monkey latched onto the car, and was staring him down for some food.

See, these monkeys totally need to get whacked with a banana or something. Could seriously cause an accident by scaring ppl! This was the car next to them.

Just chilling...waiting for the next car to harass. Kind of reminds me of the guys that try to wash your windows on La Cienaga when you're stopped at the light. Haahah.. You know what I'm talking about.

See me in JPY Magazine!

For those of you that live in SoCal, you can pick up a free JPY Magazine at most Japanese markets, ramen joints, and tea/dessert shops.  This is a quarterly magazine that has great tips on where to shop for cute fashionable clothes (like things you see on the girls in Japan), healthy places to lunch, and also the best nail salons (Japanese nail art).  This magazine will be on stands until February, so grab a copy and see if you can spot me out!

See me on TV!

I just filmed for a short segment for The Doctors, and you can catch me on in January!  They told me it’s scheduled to air on Thursday, January 7th or right around that date.  You have to tune in and watch me!  To find out what channel The Doctors is in your city, click on the image to be re-directed to their site for local listings.

Hello Kitty x Royal T

I finally made my way over to see the Hello Kitty gallery over @ Royal T with Young (and friends), and we had a blast! Here are some of my highlights! Enjoy.

Get your picture taken w/Miss Hello Kitty!



Good times!



Japanese girls, striking a pose on the press wall.


I ❤ Hello Kitty!"


Hello Kitty bling, by Kimora Lee Simmons


A wall full of cuteness!!!!


Hello Kitty Lisa! Too bad it's already sold. =(


My 2nd favorite painting...but, it was SOLD!


Hello Elvis!





Another piece I would've loved to own. =( It's SOLD!




Play the crane game, for your chance to win a limited edition hello kitty doll!


Toy and collectible displays.


Blinged out HK!


A tree of hundreds of hello kitty (and friends) charms!





Young was collecting admission at the door.


A huge Hello Kitty decal on the front of Royal T...can't miss her!


Lady Gaga x Hello Kitty Corset Collaboration


I love this Dear Daniel & Hello Kitty wedding set. I have one just like this!






Wish I had this Hello Kitty driver!!!


Hello Kitty bowling ball & guitar. Oh, kawaii!!!

Forever XXI, Super sized!

I’m truly impressed by the growth of Forever XXI, and I think they were smart for tapping into such a huge demographic of buyers that like to indulge in fashion, without emptying their pockets!!!  As of 2 1/2 weeks ago, Forever XXI opened their new 2-story retail location at Fox Hills Mall.  This used to be a super ghetto fabulous mall, but Westfield has taken over and made some serious renovations.

I must say that this location definitely has the best selection of dresses, jackets, and coats.  I still think the 3rd street Promenade still has the best selection of accessories and sun dresses.  This makes total sense, since it is much closer to the beach!

It was a gloomy day, but my trip to Forever XXI definitely made it much better!

XXI's sign is just as HUGE as MACY'S!

XXI's sign is just as HUGE as MACY'S!

Wanted posting by the Crepe Nazi!!!

Over on the westside, Sawtelle Blvd to be exact, there is the Crepe Nazi!!!  One look at his signs and you’ll immediately see why everyone calls him the Crepe Nazi.  The funny thing is, he hides behind all of his signs, so you never get to see his face!  Sooo, when you’re ordering food, to when you’re picking it up…you won’t see his face.  I’m super serious!

I heard he gets pretty angry when you change your order, or ask him him questions about the menu.  I’ve also heard that he messes up the orders too, and if you try to tell him that he screwed up, get ready…he’ll scream at you!

Anyways, I was walking pass his small crepe shop today and noticed a WANTED posting on this doors.  I think this guy is totally weird, and this WANTED posting confirmed it today.  See for yourself, better yet, go visit him.  =)

Read and see more pics of the Crepe Nazi on YELP!


Hello, Skyline GTR…

At last, our fabulous Skyline GTR has just arrived!  This sexy beast will be getting the full WALD treatment, and will be debuting at SEMA this year in Vegas.

Just got dropped off today!

Just got dropped off today!

You look naked, don't worry...we'll get some accessories on you soon enough.

You look naked, don't worry...we'll get some accessories on you soon enough.


Here's a what this GTR will look like when it's done!

Here's a what this GTR will look like when it's done!

How do I feel today you ask?

I feel like a space cadet cupcake, ready for action!
take that, take that!

take that, take that! check out Natalie Dee for more cute comics...(

Awww. Look how cute this puppy is!

Poor thing…can’t get up on his own. The thing that sucks is his mommy is in the background sleeping.  Wake up woman!  Your baby is rolling around trying to flip over.  Helpppppp!

New bed, new walls!

With all the traveling and unexpected moments in life, we never found the time to really sit down to add color to our home. We finally decided to order a new bed, so now it’s time to spruce up our boring white walls.

Option 1: Traditional paint
Option 2: Wallpaper!

We’re leaning more towards option 2, since there are so many modern patterns available.  Gonna have to take a field trip over to look at some swatches.  I found this one online, but it totally doesn’t go with our furniture.

From the Graham & Brown Collection

From the Graham & Brown Collection

On the subject of re-purposing…

I’m always been a fan of re-purposing little items around the house, but as of late, it seems to be trend that is getting more popular! Was browsing on, and excited to see the creativity in several re-purposing projects. My favorite one is the shipping pallets transformed  into a daybed!

Here's a simple way to re-use ordinary materials, into furniture!

Here's a simple way to re-use ordinary materials and transform it into furniture!