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Best French (savory or sweet) Crepes on the Westside

Best French crepes stop in West LA is Acadie’s on Arizona/3rd.  They also set up at the Main Street Farmers Market on Sundays!  The best thing about Acadie’s is that they have a big menu of savory or sweet crepes.  My fav crepe (The Harvest) has turkey, mushrooms, onions, a little cheese, and spinach.  Deeeelicious!

Forever XXI, Super sized!

I’m truly impressed by the growth of Forever XXI, and I think they were smart for tapping into such a huge demographic of buyers that like to indulge in fashion, without emptying their pockets!!!  As of 2 1/2 weeks ago, Forever XXI opened their new 2-story retail location at Fox Hills Mall.  This used to be a super ghetto fabulous mall, but Westfield has taken over and made some serious renovations.

I must say that this location definitely has the best selection of dresses, jackets, and coats.  I still think the 3rd street Promenade still has the best selection of accessories and sun dresses.  This makes total sense, since it is much closer to the beach!

It was a gloomy day, but my trip to Forever XXI definitely made it much better!

XXI's sign is just as HUGE as MACY'S!

XXI's sign is just as HUGE as MACY'S!