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Cruising on a Saturday Afternoon

My ultimate indulgence on the weekends, is cruising along the beach, and riding all the way to the Farmers Market to grab some goodies.  This past weekend, I grabbed a couple of apples, asian pear, and veggies.  I also scored on a I ❤ Santa Monica sticker too.  =)

The Perks of Living in LA.

I used to be a huge fan of living in Irvine, until I drove up the 405 to find this awesome place called LA. For years and years, everyone kept telling me to move to LA, but I guess personally, I wasn’t ready to make the jump on my own.

Our quality of life has like quadrupled, and we just feel blessed to call LA our home.

I know people always complain about the traffic, but hey, we live in SoCal, deal with it! There are places you can live that will have zero traffic, but then I’m sure it will be lacking a whole lot of everything else. So, we’re only here in this lifetime once, so suck it up and don’t let a little bit of traffic, stop you from enjoying what LA has to offer.

So, one of the perks of living in LA, is definitely the long stretches of bike paths right on the beach. Biking is already super fun, but it’s even better when you get a beautiful view of the water. Plus, you get that salty ocean breeeeeeeeze. Here’s just a couple of pics from our bike ride the other day. Enjoy.

Yay, I can see home from here.

It was a cold day, so the bike path was pretty desolate, heading towards Dockweiler Beach.

Had to rush home, before it got too dark.

Eco Friendly Bike for Mommy & Child by Taga

Ok, I’m definitely not a Mom, but this Taga bike/stroller combo is genius!  You can instantly transform this stroller, into a bike to take your kiddy on a bike ride.  I definitely think this will be a hot seller out in Santa Monica.  I believe the website says it will be available here in the US soon, however it will carry a price tag of $1400 and some change.  It sounds a bit steep, but think of all the R&D it took to create this masterpiece.

If I had a baby (be-beeeeeeh), I’d totally rock one of these.  It’s convenient, eco-chic, and just plain cool.  Check out the video to see how quickly it converts.

Taga Bike & Stroller Combo

And, my preferred mode of transportation is…

My new shiny Nirve bike!  Feast your eyes on my latest addition to the family.  This is a Nirve Island Flower edition bike.  Don’t have to worry about the petro anymore!  While everyone else is stuck in traffic, I’ll be weaving through the streets to get to the Kogi bbq truck.   Meep meeep!  I ❤ my bike!