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Attention Touristas.

The ultra camera bag for Asian tourists!

Ok, so listen up.  Ever seen those Asian (yes, Asian) tourists walking around with their messenger bags and a camera strapped around their necks?  I’ve seen them when I’m overseas, and from time to time, you can catch them roaming around Beverly Hills.

Well, I spotted out this ultimate tourist bag that’s just perfect.  I mean, they gotta have something that can fit those huge ass cameras they have dangling around their necks like a medallion.  Forget the little point and shoot cams, they always bring the huge SLR’ish cams.  Hee heee, you KNOW what I’m talking about.  =P

Kitschy Kitschy Cool

I don’t know why, but I’m really drawn to lil objects made out of felt or yarn.  It first started with my Aranzi Aronzo craze, then to the amigurumi (small crochet cute animals) phase, and now it’s just random kitschy things.  I must point out that Etsy is the perfect place for me to browse and see all the cute, ugly, and catchy, felt and yarn creations.

Check out my pick of the week.

(drum roll please) Introducing, the felt camera case, that looks like an old school camera!  There’s just something so witty about this case, I just love it.

Click on this photo, to be re-diected to the Etsy shop!

Available in many assorted color combos.