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One of my guilty pleasures…

I love dessert, but I don’t eat them. From the sugar, eggs, and lots of cream, I totally avoid desserts when possible. However, I do admit I enjoy watching CUPCAKE WARS!!!

I mean, who knew baking & competing for the covenant title of Cupcake Wars, could be so brutal?!

What kind of dessert do you like?!

Old fashion cupcakes @ Swingers



McDonalds soft serve cone




Homemade Almond Jello (in heart shaped silicone molds)

Vacation and Business Trip to London!

A good ol' visit to Mr. Paddington Bear shop kiosk @ Paddington Station.

New Bike Rentals kiosks all around town. Very green concept. I love it.

Some pretty sweets at the Farmers Market in Chelsea

Can't forget about the cupcakes!

The best fish n' chips of my life...with a side of mushy peas!

Fish Works on Swallow Street, is where I got my fish n' chips fix!

Some touristy pics from walking around town.

Look at this cute bus.

This McDonalds was really posh inside. Sorry I couldn't get a closer shot.

497 Calories and Counting…

I was strolling through Beverly Hills yesterday and was amazed to see the crazy line outside Sprinkles. I thought this whole cupcake frenzy was over, but apparently Sprinkles has still got it going on. The line was at least 20 deep (outside the door) and people were so excited to get their hands on those sinful cupcakes. One thing I did notice is that there were some “plus size” folks in line. At 497 calories per red velvet cupcake, I can see why people are busting out of their seams. If you’re on a diet, please stay away from Sprinkles, and have a nice day!


9635 South Santa Monica Blvd

Beverly Hills, CA 90210


Nutritional Facts


Sprinkle fans lined up outside of the Beverly Hills location.  Insane!

Sprinkle fans lined up outside of the Beverly Hills location. Insane!

Santa came early this year…


My dear friend Jess got me this awesome gift for Christmas.  As you can see, I cheated and already opened it!  It’s the “Hello Cupcake” book, which features a ton of creative ways to decorate cupcakes.  I actually made carrot cake cupcakes last night, and they turned out delicious!  I had no time to get into the decorations b/c it was late night, but I will definitely share some of my creations later!


If you love to bake, this is a must have book for you!  Lots of great ideas for parties, holidays, and something just for fun.

Effin cute cupcakes!