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Earth Day Freebie!

Stop by CB2 for an exclusive reusable cotton tote (with any purchase) on Earth Day! While supplies last and in-store promotion only.

I’ve switched out using plastic bags, with these sturdier reusable totes from Flip & Tumble, Whole Foods, and many other ones. The biggest perk about having these totes is that you can fit a lot more groceries in one bag, and they won’t rip! You’re also cutting down on using plastic & paper bags, so it’s definitely the eco chic thing to do. Besides, my kitchen cabinet has stopped over flowing with wads of plastic bags. I think we have all been guilty of that at some point!

So, if you’re a CB2 fan, definitely swing by and take advantage of this special freebie on Earth Day!

How To Repurpose Glass Jars/Bottles.

One of my favorite things to do is figure out how to repurpose stuff around my home.  We used to buy lots of bottle water, so I’ve accumulated a ton of these Voss glass bottles.  The mouth of the bottle is pretty wide, so I’m able to reuse them to hold pastas, grains, and other kitchen goodies.  This is definitely a way to save $$$ and also help our environment at the same time.

Next time you have a food jar or glass bottle, maybe you can rinse and reuse!  If you’re not in the kitchen often, you can also reuse glass jars/bottles to store school supplies, tacks, nails, etc.  The possibilities are endless!

Earth Day is around the corner, so be sure to incorporate something into your life, that will help our environment!

Do Something Eco Friendly…

Yesterday evening, JP & I decided to ride our bikes over to Whole Foods, instead of driving the Smart. It’s a couple of miles away, but we figured out a shortcut by cutting through the residential roads.I had to pick up some last minute groceries for dinner.  What a way to get a good workout and finish errands all on one trip!

It was definitely fun, refreshing, and relaxing.   To me, it felt as if we were out of town on vacay!

See, got everything in my little basket!

Earth Day coming up on April 22, get free salad @ Mixt Greens!

Mixt Greens is the place to be on Earth Day, April 22nd. The first 150 customers (at each store) will receive a special Mixt Greens goodie bag, filled with recipes, plantable seeds, and other exclusive items.

I always rant and rave about Tender Greens in Culver City, and Mixt Greens is just as good, if not better! If there’s one in your neck of the woods, definitely stop by before and on Earth Day! I believe the Malibu location is coming soon…

monday-friday 10:30am – 3pm

350 South Grand Avenue
(Bunker Hill)
Los Angeles, CA 90071
p. 213 587 7970

monday-friday 11am – 6pm

5757 Wilshire Blvd
(Miracle Mile)
Los Angeles, CA 90036
p.213 587 7975

Organic salads with fresh local and sustainable produce!