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Happy Easter!

DIY Easter Baskets!

We’re very excited to be celebrating Easter this weekend, and I thought it would only be right to make some Easter Baskets for the kiddies.  I made 2 Easter baskets for my friends nieces.  I know they will be so happy opening up all the goodies inside.

To my surprise, my dear friends Trisha & Paula, gave me an Easter basket today.  It’s been a long time since I’ve received such a sweet gift, and I absolutely adore it.

Here's the awesome Easter basket from Trisha & Paula. See's candies!

And, here are the ones I made for the little girls…

These baskets are filled with the super popular Zhu Zhu Pets, Easter eggs, jelly beans, Hersheys chocolate, M&M’s, Hello Kitty photo frame, Easter themed notepad, and a cute little chick.

Just in time for Easter…

Yes, I know it’s still February, but Easter is just around the corner.  I recently stumbled across this photo of the World’s Largest Rabbit named Bodmin.  They say he eats whole cabbages and lettuces, however he looks like he eats kids for breakfast.

This is like the “cujo” version for bunnies.  So kids, you still want a bunny for Easter?

Bunnies are so overrated!

This Easter, instead of picking up a boring bunny, why not get a chinchilla!  These furry friends need a home too. Better save them before P.Diddy gets a hold of them all.  Muhahahah.  I wonder how many poor chinchilla it takes to make a fur coat.  I dunno, lets ask P.Diddy, I’m sure he’d know.   hahaha.

Choose chinchilla over bunnies!

Bunnies got nothing on me!

Bunnies got nothing on me!


Love me, I'm furry and cute.

Save me from P.Diddy..pleeeease!

Save me from P.Diddy..pleeeease!