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Let me introduce you, to my new Sigg!

I ❤ Sigg

Today was an extra special day, because I forked up to get myself another Sigg.  The ugly one to the left, I bought on sale, but it keeps my drinks extra hot or cold for hours at a time.  So regardless of the color, I still rock it.  My latest addition, will be used for the gym, and also for my purse.

I had another reusable cup/bottle thing that has a cute Hello Kitty design on it, but I just found out that the stainless steel inside, is leeching a nasty metal flavor into my water.  All SIGG bottles have a special coating inside their bottles, so it will not react to acidic liquids, nor will it leave a weird metal taste in your beverage.  I have a giant 1 liter bottle for our bike rides, but now new Sigg will be my everyday bottle.

All smiles.

How To Repurpose Glass Jars/Bottles.

One of my favorite things to do is figure out how to repurpose stuff around my home.  We used to buy lots of bottle water, so I’ve accumulated a ton of these Voss glass bottles.  The mouth of the bottle is pretty wide, so I’m able to reuse them to hold pastas, grains, and other kitchen goodies.  This is definitely a way to save $$$ and also help our environment at the same time.

Next time you have a food jar or glass bottle, maybe you can rinse and reuse!  If you’re not in the kitchen often, you can also reuse glass jars/bottles to store school supplies, tacks, nails, etc.  The possibilities are endless!

Earth Day is around the corner, so be sure to incorporate something into your life, that will help our environment!

Do Something Eco Friendly…

Yesterday evening, JP & I decided to ride our bikes over to Whole Foods, instead of driving the Smart. It’s a couple of miles away, but we figured out a shortcut by cutting through the residential roads.I had to pick up some last minute groceries for dinner.  What a way to get a good workout and finish errands all on one trip!

It was definitely fun, refreshing, and relaxing.   To me, it felt as if we were out of town on vacay!

See, got everything in my little basket!

Jonathan Alder Rocks!

Was strolling down Montana Ave in Santa Monica this afternoon, and saw this cool poster in front of the Jonathan Alder store.  Please read!

JP’s favorite:  “We believe you should throw out your Blackberry and go pick some actual blackberries.”

My favorite:  “We believe in irreverent luxury.”

Hooray! Our DIY Project Begins…

After flipping through dozens of wallpaper sample books, we’ve finally decided on something for our master bedroom.  The color theme will be: purple, black, silver, and white.  I’ve also included some pieces that we may incorporate, to transform our space into a stylish bedroom.  Total budget:  $1000

wallpaperblack-table-lamplouis ghost chairlucitetablealpinebedpercalesheetsFC09black vases

On the subject of re-purposing…

I’m always been a fan of re-purposing little items around the house, but as of late, it seems to be trend that is getting more popular! Was browsing on, and excited to see the creativity in several re-purposing projects. My favorite one is the shipping pallets transformed  into a daybed!

Here's a simple way to re-use ordinary materials, into furniture!

Here's a simple way to re-use ordinary materials and transform it into furniture!