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Sanrio 50th Anniversary Event

Earlier this evening I met up with Young, Trung, and some friends to check out the Sanrio 50th Anniversary event, at the Santa Monica Barker Hanger.  Last year, Young and I attended the Hello Kitty Birthday celebration at Royal T in Culver City, and that was tons of fun.

First off, parking was $10, and it was pretty empty when I arrived at 8pm.  Yes, I know it is a weekday, but the HK Birthday event last year had lines going down the street everyday.

I will probably get mauled by HK and Sanrio fans for saying this, but this years concept was cute, but the event was pretty boring and lifeless.  For such a huge space, they only had a small section of activities and carnival type games.  The mini golf and mini ferris wheel were cute, but definitely aimed towards the 10-16 age group.  The pop up store featured not so exciting gift items, to include plush dolls, resuable bags, erasers, and other overpriced knick knacks.  Honestly, you can find a better selection of cute items at any regular Sanrio store.

The art selection was quite bleak, compared to the creative pieces they showcased at Royal T the previous year.  There were a couple of pieces that stood out was the piece that looked like a painting, but was made entirely of jelly beans!   If you missed this event, trust me, you really didn’t miss out on much!

Hope you enjoy some photos I snapped from the event.

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Oh No You Didn’t!

Who needs to chug 40s? I got my HK Rose.

Oh, yes I did!  First off, I gotta thank Julie for tipping us off, about the word on the street.  Hello Kitty booze for all!  I know most gals would probably buy one for show, but I’m definitely gonna crack one open to sample it.  =)  Will have an updated review soon.  I figure hey, it can’t be worst than Charles Shaw (aka 2 buck chuck).  If it is, I’ll definitely warn everyone to save their moola.  We’ll be in touch.

A special gift…from the other side of the world.

Look @ this lovely gift Manami brought from Japan. Arigato!

A blinged out Hello Kitty compact...JDM style.

A blinged out Hello Kitty compact...JDM style.

And, she even had it personalized!!!

And, she even had it personalized!!!

I heart Singapore (day 5)

Since it was NYE day, we decided to have a little R&R.  The weather has been perfect, so it was time to pay a visit to the pool and tennis courts! 


The breakfast of champions!

Breakfast of real champions!

Bikini ready!

Bikini ready!

It's swimming time.

Swimming time.

Tennis anyone?

Tennis anyone?

Dumpling soup @ Imperial Treasure

Dumpling soup @ Imperial Treasure

Scallion pancakes & egg custard

Scallion pancakes & egg custard

Almond beancurd & longan...yummm

Almond beancurd & longan...yummm


Ringing in the New Year @ Zirca.

Ringing in the New Year @ Zirca.


In about 2 days, I’ll begin sharing some pics from the Philippines!  XoXo.

Word on the street…

Since I’m getting ready to go to “hello kitty land” next week (aka Japan), I thought it would be appropriate to share some of the gossip floating around on the blogosphere.


It looks like MAC cosmetics will be coming out with the Hello Kitty limited edition line!  Hopefully the selection and packaging will be like the Barbie collection.  That has been one of my favorite collections thus far.  The product launch is rumored to be in February, so make sure to check around for the actual release.  




What’s for lunch?!

Umm, how about a Hello Kitty bento box!  For more cute bento

creations, please visit E-charaben

Hello Kitty Bento

My Christmas “Wish List”…Must Haves!

Dear Santa,

I’ve been extra nice this year, so please bring me all these goodies.  By the way, I’m graduating too…does that win me extra goody points?

1.  Polaroid PoGo printer  411 on Polaroid



2.  The Torch Flashlight  Gizmondo




3.  Christian Louboutin Shoes CL



4.  A trip back to Vegas Palazzo/Venetian



5.  Peach John shopping spree 



6.  Ichigo Daifuku (strawberry mochi) 

ichigo mochi


7.  Hello Kitty Vinyl Toys 


8.  Hamburger Phone