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Recycle Your Wedding Gown!

Wonderful news! I just sold my gown to a beautiful bride-to-be in Asia. It feels so great passing on my gown, especially knowing that someone else can feel as luxurious and pretty as I did on my wedding day.

I highly recommend using, since they really do get a lot of traffic from brides-to-be from all around the world. For a nominal fee for $20 to post your gown/accessories, you can create your own customized sales posting. Potential customers can view photos and read specific details about your gown. Keep in mind that you need to be reasonable with your pricing, since everyone is looking for the best price they can get. You are competing against many other gowns on the site, so the key is to provide as much information as possible, and clear photos of your gown.

It was really hard parting ways with my gown, but I just know that it didn’t deserve to sit in my dark closet for the next 50 years!

Recycle and share your gown, so another bride can look and feel beautiful on her day too. Here is a sample of what my listing looked like.