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See me in JPY Magazine!

For those of you that live in SoCal, you can pick up a free JPY Magazine at most Japanese markets, ramen joints, and tea/dessert shops.  This is a quarterly magazine that has great tips on where to shop for cute fashionable clothes (like things you see on the girls in Japan), healthy places to lunch, and also the best nail salons (Japanese nail art).  This magazine will be on stands until February, so grab a copy and see if you can spot me out!

Torio – JDM Underwear!

On this gloomy day, I’d like to show you something fun and exciting!  I woke up this afternoon to find that there was a special package downstairs.  The package was from Japan, so I opened it and found something extremely cooky.  So, here it is…Japanese men under wear!  And, no…it doesn’t belong to JP. = (

Ha ha ha.  If you want to check out the rest of their collection, check out there site here: