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Shabu, 3 amigos, and a couple of bottles of sake later.

I loooove Shabu, especially when I’m accompanied by some awesome friends.  Last week, the 3 amigos headed out to Cali Shabu for some good times.  For some reason, the sake was flowing all night long.  Everything was perfect, except for my SAD (like SUPER SAD) mushrooms.  Have a look for yourself:

It’s like, they are doing some kind of u-turn.  They looked so sad, I decided to not eat them.  Lame!  Anyways, here are some goofy photos of mi amigos.

That’s Dizzle, looking like a pseudo walrus…and then there’s…

Scuba Steve!

You say Shabu, I say Shaboo!

I’d love to try Shabu Shabu @ Shaboo Restaurant in Las Vegas.  This new spot has received lots of good reviews, so I’m excited to try it soon.  For those with money trees, they have a $500 course of shabu on the menu.  Not to worry, 3-star Michelin Chef Masayoshi Takayama is sure to deliver the best shabu shabu you’ve ever tasted!

(Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times)