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Happy Happy Labor Day!

Woke up to another beautiful sunny day, so JP and I are about to head out on the cruisers. Before heading out, I fixed some mini pita sandwiches!

Whole wheat mini pitas, stuffed with organic hummus, alfalfa sprouts, and sliced japanese cucumbers. It was fresh, light, and very flavorful!

Very healthy and tasty pita sandwiches

Very healthy and tasty pita sandwiches

Sorry everyone…I’m back!

Yes, I’ve been on sabbatical to take care of my furry friend named Fuego.  I’m officially back and would like to share something hilarious with you!


I know all of us has been victimized at least once by a lunch thief.  I must say it is a terrible experience.  Picture this…  After several hours of starring at your computer and answering stupid phone calls, the only thing you can think of is lunch time.  You spend the morning part of your day dreaming about your lunch and what you plan on doing after work.  I think this is pretty standard for most 9 to 5ers.  Anyways, the time on your computer says 11:59am, and you’re off to the fridge, only to find that someone has stole your lunch.  You think to yourself, “how can this be”?  “Was there another bag that looked like mine”?  “Maybe it got pushed over towards the back”?  No, you’ve been jacked!


Well, I’m here to share some exciting news about this genius idea I found on the web.   My first reaction was, “why didn’t I think of this”!  My second reaction was, “darnit, this could have saved me some hard earned cash $$$ spent on bringing my lunches”.


Feast your eyes on the Anti-Theft Lunch Bags (available @ Urban Outfitters).


See, the magic is printed on the bag.  Instant mold!

See, the magic is printed on the bag. Instant mold!