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Laduree Macarons in Ginza (Tokyo)

I have a secret crush on macarons. ❤ I originally wanted to try the macarons @ Laduree, but ended up trying Dallayou instead, at the suggestion of my girlfriend.

I’m glad that I did, because Dallayou macarons were heavenly.


What kind of dessert do you like?!

Old fashion cupcakes @ Swingers



McDonalds soft serve cone




Homemade Almond Jello (in heart shaped silicone molds)

Hanging out In Malibu.

Over the holiday weekend, we decided to venture up the coast to Malibu.  First, we swung into the Malibu Country Mart, then went to check out Zuma Beach.

Before heading out, I read online and saw photos of Zuma Beach with crystal clear water, but it was far from.  =(

The only area of beach that I’ve seen clear water was in Laguna Beach @ Shaws Cove.   Anyhow, the drive back down PCH was beautiful.

Gorgeous clear and sunny skies @ M. Country Mart

Lots of goodies @ The Chocolate Box Cafe

Finger sandwiches: Artichoke & Spinach, Cucumber

Macarons from The Chocolate Box Cafe. Jin's still makes the best macarons.

Zuma Beach

What’s a Whoopie Pie?!

I’ve had cake, cookie, cupcake, and even macarons…but what is a whoopie pie!  They look sinfully good!

Battle of the Macarons

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Williams Sonoma is offering heart shaped macarons on their website.  A+ for presentation, however I’m not sure how they would taste.  Here are my favorite picks:

#1  Bouchon Bakery

#2  Jin’s Patisserie

#3  Jerne @ Ritz Carlton MDR

Heart Shaped macarons from WS

Bouchon Bakery… #1 Macarons!

As many of you know, Jin’s Patisserie in Venice (Abbot Kinney St), has the best macarons I’ve ever tasted.  Even the ones over at the Ritz in MDR, don’t come close to the exquisite texture and flavor Jin’s has to offer.  I recently had a chance to try a macaron from Bouchon Bakery in Vegas, and was blown away at the texture and taste.  I tried their limited edition egg nog macaron, and it was so heavenly.

You can find a Bouchon Bakery inside of Venetian in Las Vegas.  Enjoy!

Egg Nog flavor macaron

It was a huge macaron, however the flavor and texture was perfect.

Saturday morning/afternoon @ the Beach

One of my new found hobbies is cycling by the beach. I love sharing this experience with my friends. Here are just some random pics from our outing today.  Here’s Miss Young, rocking the Schwwwwwwwwwwwin!



Me, staying shady.

Me, staying shady.


Afternoon tea @ Jin' refreshing.

Afternoon tea @ Jin' refreshing.

Cute girls promoting & handing out free LEMONADE!

Cute girls promoting & handing out free LEMONADE!

And for lunch, we got lucky and chased down the Kogi Truck.

And for lunch, we got lucky and chased down the Kogi Truck.