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My Life & The Beach

Venice Beach

Being raised in Southern California, was always the ultimate luxury.  On hot summer weekends, my Mom would always take my brother and I to Huntington Beach.  We’d play for hours, in the water, on the sand, and even brought our buckets to make sand castles.  I even have photographs of myself on the beach in my bikini, from the young age of 5!

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed many endless summers at Laguna Beach with Mom, and now I’m cruising the paths here on the Westside.  I always find a sense of peace, hope, and creativity, every time I’m looking out into the ocean.

I’m truly happy that this life affords me the luxury of living near the beach, traveling the world, experiencing different cultures, and the opportunity to make new choices each day.  I like taking chances, and I truly believe it is essential for personal growth.

Despite the chaotic moments in life,  I can still find beauty in the simple things.  And, I hope you will do the same.