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Another 5 Days in Vegas!

I have to admit, Vegas is one of my favorite places to go!  With a plethora of restaurants, entertainment, and gambling, Vegas is like a playground for adults.  Best part is, you can indulge in just about anything, 24 hours a day!

On this trip, I realized my penchant for penny slot machines.  My number game is blackjack, but I like to supplement it with some penny machine action!  Had some very productive meetings, and spent my time catching up with some friends.

I had planned to go experience the CSI exhibit at the MGM Mirage, but ran out of time.  Hopefully it will be there when I return.

Hope you enjoy some of my Vegas highlights!

Shopping for yummy bath products @ The Venetian Canal Shoppes

Its like the Pacha cherries!

Admired some art by ANJA

Fall decor at The Palazzo Hotel

My lucky spot where I stand. At the top of the waterfall @ Palazzo.

Sparkly coins. Ooh la la!

4 Lobster club sandwiches from Postrio by Wolfgang Puck. Delicious!

My new makeup from the Dior boutique. Holiday LE minaudiere & travel brush set. Love them!

I became a Penny Slots High Roller =) I won 27.25!

Zen Noodles @ Grand Lux Cafe is always a comforting dish.

Mid-day snack at Noodles in the Bellagio Hotel. Bbq pork buns, pickled cucumbers, and tea.

Enjoyed the Gondola boat ride @ the Venetian.

My new favorite penny slot game. Look at the bottom right. I'm definitely a winner!

Have you ever noticed the pretty painted ceilings right by TAO @ the Venetian? It's gorgeous.

Dinner @ Bouchon. Service was terrible and food was mediocre. Failed!

The sun was setting, as I left to the airport. Look at the gorgeous Wynn & Encore hotels.

Ciao Palazzo!

Chuc Mung Nam Moi! Kung Hei Fat Choy!

We had the most awesome trip to Vegas over the weekend.  Celebrated both Chinese New Year & Valentine’s Day @ the Palazzo.

I played blackjack, dined at Noodles (Bellagio)/Lavo (Palazzo), walked the strip, and also had a chance to just relax and catch the Olympics on TV.

Funniest moment of the entire trip: When we were at the blackjack table, we heard another guy scream out of excitement.  He said, “omg, I just almost crapped in my pants”!  Hahhaha, I guess he won big.  We turned around and looked at him, and he said to us, “i’m serious, i almost did”.  Hhahahah

Best thing I ate: Noodle soup w/poached chicken (Noodles Restaurant @ Bellagio)

Best hand @ blackjack: Dealer was showing a 6, I had 15.  I hit and pulled a 6 and got 21!   F*ck their rule book!

Mango smoothie @ Grand Lux (Palazzo)

Couldn't resist playing with my food. =P

Palazzo was very festive this year, with a huge tiger display in the foyer. It's year of the tiger! Rawr!

Fruit bearing trees lined the VIP Salon, w/lucky red envelopes.

Hahha, it looks like someone literally took a bite out of one of the fruits on the tree. Ewww, gross. It wasn't me.

Bright red & gold lanterns floating above us @ Palazzo.

A close up of this beautiful tiger @ Palazzo.

JP flew straight from Japan, and swung by Vegas to spend the weekend with me.  He even brought back some gifts for me.  It was super thoughtful of him, since he brought back all of my favorites.  Looky!

No trip to Japan is complete, w/o bringing back Tokyo Bananas! Ooo, ooo, eee, eee! Oh yes, and ViVi magazine.

Yuzu candy and ichigo daifuku (strawberry mochi)!!!!!!!!

Green tea Kit Kat! Limited flavor.

Secret gift from Aranzi Aronzo!

A super cute coin purse from Aranzi Aronzo.

I made Mr. Bear have the 1st taste of my green tea Kit Kats!

My winnings in 5 minutes of blackjack!

Giant plush chips! They look like candy...i must eat!

Gift from Japan! Thank you Manami! It's lovely.

See, Vegas knows how to do it up. Patron silver got its own display case, w/pink shots glasses below. Available in the sundries shop @ Bellagio.

6 Days In Las Vegas =)

Last week, I spent 6 days (yes, 6!) in Vegas!  The most common question I got was what in the world do you do in Vegas for 6 days, and lucky you, I’m about to show you.  Enjoy…

Scoured the magazine stands @ the airport for something interesting to read on the plane…


This is a the REAL cover for TIME Magazine

Packed our own mini bar!  Brought organic fruits from home (purchased from Farmers Market the day before), Twizzlers, Apple Chips, pistachios, and a tin full of green tea!


Eat your fruits!

Arrived @ the Wynn, and was greeted by 2 beautiful Lions…


My good luck charm.

Ventured off to Chinatown, for some non-westernized Chinese food…


Gambled at Encore, and checked out the 20 something foot crystal dragon that adorns the Wazuzu restaurant…


Wazuzu @ the Encore


Small replica is available for purchase @ the gift boutique.

Followed the red ornate carpet back home to Wynn, and got a glimpse of XS, sans the party goers…


Went to Venice (aka Venetian) and dined at Mario Batali’s famed San Marco Restaurant.


I highly recommend the Prosciutto & Arugula Pizza!  Thin, crispy, and very light crust.  Very authentic!


A view from my seat @ the San Marco Restaurant bar…


Lunch for 1!

Wandered the streets and saw the big show over @ Mirage.  It was spectacular!


Back to Chinatown for some Cajun seafood!  Our guests from Japan, ordered up a huge Heineken can…hilarious!


Dined at Wynn Buffet with a large group of friends.  Must say, Bellagio is still #1 in my book!


Admired some art, that reminded me of JP & Fuego!


Stood at the top of Palazzo and looked down to see, glittery coins at the top of the waterfall.  So pretty!



Dined @ my favorite restaurant Noodles, inside of Bellagio with Young & friend.



Soft, pillowy, and light fried tofu. Delicious!

My all time favorite @ Noodles…Flat rice noodle soup with bbq pork!


And, now…on to SEMA!   My show highlights!


The Lexus LFA in black carbon...Love it!


Lexus had limited edition artist prints made on-site!  I was so lucky and got the last one…150/150.  Thanks guys!


Artists in action.


There's mine!


Voila! 150/150

My fellow SMART buddies over at Smart Madness…


Camo Smart Rally!


Pinch. You're too cute.



@ the Honda booth, they had a really cool “Dog Friendly” accessories.  Here is the doggy bed that fits snuggly in the trunk!



Finally, at the airport…I ran into a crazy reptile on the floor (it’s not real, but it’s huge)!



Bye Bye Las Vegas…  They were smart an added these decorative planes in between the escalators.  You better think twice before sliding down the middle!!!  Ouchy.


And, if you’re wondering…

Did I gamble?              Yes!

Did I win or lose?        Walked away with $750 in cash money!

Wow, what did I play?   Blackjack!

Any shopping?    Of course!  Sephora, Michael Kors, Hugo Boss, Neiman Marcus, and Fresh.

Any clubs?   Lavo, Tao, & XS…all in one night.