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And, my preferred mode of transportation is…

My new shiny Nirve bike!  Feast your eyes on my latest addition to the family.  This is a Nirve Island Flower edition bike.  Don’t have to worry about the petro anymore!  While everyone else is stuck in traffic, I’ll be weaving through the streets to get to the Kogi bbq truck.   Meep meeep!  I ❤ my bike!





Muahhaha, i’ve taken over.


Ruff Ruff!  As you can see, I’m cute as a button and happy217 spends all her time taking care of me now.  So you can blame me for her time away from blogging.  Now where’s my treat?!  Muahahahhaha.


I started my own blog, so if you’re looking for some “cute” stuff, go to:  Happy Doggy

The adventures of FUEGO!

Fuego loves to fly!  As you can see, he also loves to sleep a lot.  =)

It’s Playtime!

Good puppies like veggies too!

There’s a new furry friend in the house!!