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Chuc Mung Nam Moi! Kung Hei Fat Choy!

We had the most awesome trip to Vegas over the weekend.  Celebrated both Chinese New Year & Valentine’s Day @ the Palazzo.

I played blackjack, dined at Noodles (Bellagio)/Lavo (Palazzo), walked the strip, and also had a chance to just relax and catch the Olympics on TV.

Funniest moment of the entire trip: When we were at the blackjack table, we heard another guy scream out of excitement.  He said, “omg, I just almost crapped in my pants”!  Hahhaha, I guess he won big.  We turned around and looked at him, and he said to us, “i’m serious, i almost did”.  Hhahahah

Best thing I ate: Noodle soup w/poached chicken (Noodles Restaurant @ Bellagio)

Best hand @ blackjack: Dealer was showing a 6, I had 15.  I hit and pulled a 6 and got 21!   F*ck their rule book!

Mango smoothie @ Grand Lux (Palazzo)

Couldn't resist playing with my food. =P

Palazzo was very festive this year, with a huge tiger display in the foyer. It's year of the tiger! Rawr!

Fruit bearing trees lined the VIP Salon, w/lucky red envelopes.

Hahha, it looks like someone literally took a bite out of one of the fruits on the tree. Ewww, gross. It wasn't me.

Bright red & gold lanterns floating above us @ Palazzo.

A close up of this beautiful tiger @ Palazzo.

JP flew straight from Japan, and swung by Vegas to spend the weekend with me.  He even brought back some gifts for me.  It was super thoughtful of him, since he brought back all of my favorites.  Looky!

No trip to Japan is complete, w/o bringing back Tokyo Bananas! Ooo, ooo, eee, eee! Oh yes, and ViVi magazine.

Yuzu candy and ichigo daifuku (strawberry mochi)!!!!!!!!

Green tea Kit Kat! Limited flavor.

Secret gift from Aranzi Aronzo!

A super cute coin purse from Aranzi Aronzo.

I made Mr. Bear have the 1st taste of my green tea Kit Kats!

My winnings in 5 minutes of blackjack!

Giant plush chips! They look like candy...i must eat!

Gift from Japan! Thank you Manami! It's lovely.

See, Vegas knows how to do it up. Patron silver got its own display case, w/pink shots glasses below. Available in the sundries shop @ Bellagio.

Luxury at its finest.

Palazzo Versace Hotel

When you think of Versace, you probably think about their gawdy fashion line.  Well, it looks like they have expanded to the hotel industry as well.  As you can imagine, all of the furnishings and decor are from the Versace home collection.  


The photo above is from their latest resort in Dubai.  It features a “refrigerated beach” and will have man made breeze, to simulate an ocean breeze.  Dubai is super hot, so having this cool oasis will be a treat for their hotel guests.


If you’re ever looking to drop some $$$ on a nice vacation, try checking out Dubai.  They have an abundance of museum worthy hotels, buildings, and attractions that are spectacular.  If you haven’t already heard, they have a chain of palm tree shaped islands, indoor ski resort, and the swanky sail shaped resort hotel.  Money + dreams + creativity + more money = Dubai land!  


If you want to read more about the insane amenities offered at the new Palazzo Versace in Dubai, please read the article on 

Palazzo Hotel – Las Vegas Deal!

Here is your chance to finally stay at a luxurious hotel, for only a fraction of the price.  Most of the hotels in Las Vegas are running special deals right now, but the Palazzo one is the best I’ve seen.  Go on, it’s time to treat yourself!  While you’re there, make sure to check out Lavo (the new lounge/restaurant) and Sushi Samba upstairs @ the Shops of Palazzo.  


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