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Be Healthy, Drink Green Tea

Lupicia (a Japanese company) is well known for their exotic blends of green tea.  If you’re tired of the traditional green tea you get at Japanese restaurants, you should stop by Lupicia for their exclusive blends.  They are so aromatic and full of flavor.  Keep in mind that they are unsweetened, but you can always add honey .  I recommend drinking green tea without any sugar, so you get to experience the full flavor.  Please stay away from those pre-packaged green tea packets, as those lack flavor and are very bitter.  Splurge a little for good quality green tea, since it will certainly taste better!  Some of my all time favorites are:

–  Momo Peach Green Tea

–  Strawberry  & Vanilla

–  Carmel

–  Yuzu Green Tea

–  Sakurambo (Black Cherry)