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SLS Hotel…my favorite! (Beverly Hills)

SLS is definitely a fun and new hot spot in Bev. Hills.  It’s just right down the street from Sofitel on La Cienaga.  Since the grand opening weeks ago, I’ve been there twice for drinks and desserts.


Drinks to try @ Bar Centro:

So far, I’m in love with the “Magic Mojito”, which a minty mojito poured on top of cotton candy!  Yes, I said cotton candy!  The flavors are amazing!  

Our next favorite drink is the “Strawberry Magarita w/Dry Ice”.  This concoction was made like any other margarita, accept they added dry ice!  You could see a cloud of smoke come out of the blender.  It was really cool!  When it was finally finished, the texture looked liked gelato.  The bartendar finally topped it off with pop rocks candy.  This drink was a bit strong, but the the presentation was amazing.


Desserts you must try @ the Patisserie:

–  24k chocolate cake

–  Yogurt w/pop rocks

More details: 

Where: SLS Hotel, 465 S. La Cienega Blvd., Beverly Hills

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