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The All Seeing Eye

After finishing a wonderful hot bowl of pho at Anqi, I noticed this strangely shaped window across the walkway.  As I came up closer to the window, I noticed it was a sneak peak of the Charlie Palmer kitchen!  So, like a little creep, I was standing there gazing around to see what types of spices they had on the shelves, and the pots & pans.  I’m always in the kitchen, so these types of things excite me!

Only minutes into my inspection of the kitchen, someone came over and started working on some food right in front of me (on the other side of the window of course).  I was so embarrassed, because here I was, just peeping through the window like a creep, and now I just got caught!  He smiled and waved at me.  Hahah…

So, I proceeded to leave and turned back around once more to look at this interesting window.  Up close, it’s just an oddly shaped window, but from a certain angle, you can see that it’s in the shape of an eye!  Genius!