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The Holidays Make Me Feel Warm, Loved, and Joyful.

We’re only 1 wk from Christmas, and I’m so excited to see JP open his gifts.  Of course, I never forget to pick out special things for my family and friends too.  This year, I decided to put a more personal touch to my gift giving, by making gift baskets and lil stocking stuffers for my friends.  I also made Fuego a mini stocking too!  We plan to fill it up to the brim with treats, and let him enjoy it while we’re opening our gifts.

This gift basket was the perfect gift for my neighbor Trisha.   It was full of healthy snacks from Trader Joes, a perfume fragrance from Aveda, and White Truffle oil from O & Co. (most favorite ingredient in my kitchen).

My gift basket creation!

"Worm" is my dog's nickname at home. I added a monkey, since he likes to sound like a monkey in public. It's embarrassing!

These mini bags and decal transfers are from JoAnns, and the cute tissue is from Border’s.   Sorry, can’t tell you what’s inside!

Lil stocking stuffer gifts inside!

I added some Christmas spirit to some of the mini gift bags.

Happy Holidays and don’t stress out about gift giving.  You don’t have to give, to show that you care.

Another beautiful sunset today. Happy Holidays!

Sneak peak inside shopping tote from the Farmer’s Market!

I look forward to the weekends, because there’s less people on the road, and I get to stop by the local Farmer’s Market. I’ll posted number times about my trip to the Farmer’s Market, but here’s your chance to see what’s in our shopping totes!

Asian pears, fuji apples, nira (Japanese chives), daikon radish, nasu (Japanese eggplant), vine ripened tomatoes, and leeks…

Fresh Komatsuna (Japanse Mustard Spinach) & Fresh Arugula!!

And, last but not least, pomegranates!

Inside are ruby red kernels, full of sweetness & tartness.

Inside are ruby red kernels, full of sweetness & tartness.

Happy Happy Labor Day!

Woke up to another beautiful sunny day, so JP and I are about to head out on the cruisers. Before heading out, I fixed some mini pita sandwiches!

Whole wheat mini pitas, stuffed with organic hummus, alfalfa sprouts, and sliced japanese cucumbers. It was fresh, light, and very flavorful!

Very healthy and tasty pita sandwiches

Very healthy and tasty pita sandwiches