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Another fun-filled weekend!

Friday:  Catched a matinee with JP and saw Wallstreet.

Saturday: Day trip to Santa Barbara and lunched @ the Four Season.  In the evening, JP and I biked to the Glow Art Event in Santa Monica.

Sunday:  Abbot Kinney Festival during the daytime, then went bar hopping at the beach in Venice.  Came back and partied it up until 11:30pm.  =)

Look closely, you'll see a cute lil hummingbird!

Another Lovely Sunset @ the Beach

Back on the path!

Pretty beach front homes in Venice.

Whoa, the Venice Whaler is always packed!

There it goes...

JP & Fuego!

The Perks of Living in LA.

I used to be a huge fan of living in Irvine, until I drove up the 405 to find this awesome place called LA. For years and years, everyone kept telling me to move to LA, but I guess personally, I wasn’t ready to make the jump on my own.

Our quality of life has like quadrupled, and we just feel blessed to call LA our home.

I know people always complain about the traffic, but hey, we live in SoCal, deal with it! There are places you can live that will have zero traffic, but then I’m sure it will be lacking a whole lot of everything else. So, we’re only here in this lifetime once, so suck it up and don’t let a little bit of traffic, stop you from enjoying what LA has to offer.

So, one of the perks of living in LA, is definitely the long stretches of bike paths right on the beach. Biking is already super fun, but it’s even better when you get a beautiful view of the water. Plus, you get that salty ocean breeeeeeeeze. Here’s just a couple of pics from our bike ride the other day. Enjoy.

Yay, I can see home from here.

It was a cold day, so the bike path was pretty desolate, heading towards Dockweiler Beach.

Had to rush home, before it got too dark.

Fun way to spend a sunny afternoon.

Trisha and I hopped on our cruisers and headed towards Santa Monica pier.  Along the way, we stopped off at the skate park to check it out.  Only in California, would you have a skate park, overlooking the ocean.  What a gorgeous view!

5 miles to Santa Monica Pier, then 5 miles back home.  It was refreshing.  Can’t wait for summer!

The new skate park @ Venice Beach.

Saturday brunch down on Abbot Kinney

Last Saturday, I finally got a chance to catch up with a good friend (and neighbor) for brunch and afternoon tea. We stopped off at 3 Square cafe for brunch and bellinis, and then walked over to meet someone at the trendy Intelligentsia coffee bar. What a fun day! I was shacked up in the home for most of the week, just working on my new business venture. It was nice to get some fresh air, chat, and enjoy good food.

Hi Trisha!

I don't do coffee, but I did have Dragonwell green tea. It was okkkk.

This dog walked up to me and scared the cr*p out of me! He turned out to be really sweet.

Only in SoCal, will you see super furry bikes. No, these don't belong to me.

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Photo Credit: Larissa Cleveland

Day dreaming about the warm, sunny days, and summer-like days we had just weeks ago.  Above is a beautiful photo of the sunsetting in Venice Beach, CA.

Saturday morning/afternoon @ the Beach

One of my new found hobbies is cycling by the beach. I love sharing this experience with my friends. Here are just some random pics from our outing today.  Here’s Miss Young, rocking the Schwwwwwwwwwwwin!



Me, staying shady.

Me, staying shady.


Afternoon tea @ Jin' refreshing.

Afternoon tea @ Jin' refreshing.

Cute girls promoting & handing out free LEMONADE!

Cute girls promoting & handing out free LEMONADE!

And for lunch, we got lucky and chased down the Kogi Truck.

And for lunch, we got lucky and chased down the Kogi Truck.