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WTF sighting in Venice!

Out in Venice (CA), you can expect to see people from all walks of life roaming the streets.  The neighborhoods consists of magazine worthy modern homes to old decreaped shacks…all on the same block!  Down at the Venice boardwalk there are street performers juggling real knives, drum circles, surfers, bicyclist, roller bladders, and even a public graffiti wall for local artists.  


While I was driving down Lincoln with Dizzle, we looked out the window and saw this…


Out of disbelief, we did a double take to see if our eyes were deceiving us.  The verdict was in…it was a freakin Superman hood ornament!  Hahahah.  I’ve seen wreaths, flowers, and even a doll once, but seeing Superman on the hood of that pimpin van just took it to another level.  Only in Venice will you see this kind of stuff.  =)